Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Untitled" Progress report

It was a busy weekend, with gigs Friday and Sunday and a Christmas party on Saturday. Not to say I wasn't writing, but I wasn't writing for this tune. In fact, I came out of the weekend with three more ideas: a funk tune for Collective Pursuit, another possible trio tune, and something else that would work in a singer/songwriter context. Who knows when I'll complete those ideas, but I'm hoping to do a good bit of composing and arranging over the holidays.

The point of writing tonight is just to point out that this is part of the creative process. It's probably similar for a lot of people. It's impossible to just work on one idea at a time. If I narrowed my focus to just this one tune, I'd miss out on some potentially great ideas. Balancing all of these, along with whatever other work I may be doing, is the real challenge. Multi-tasking is one thing, but multi-composing can really max out your mental capacity, at least for half your brain.

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