Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Live recording coming soon

The sound guy recorded our show last night. Rose Live Music is a relatively small club, but mostly in that it’s narrow, and the stage faces across the width of the room. In other words, there’s a space to walk past the front of the stage, then a row of tables along the wall with chairs facing away from the stage and a booth style bench on the other side, looking in.

The close quarters makes you keep your volume down. For a funk band, lower volume is actually a good thing. There’s a deeper groove when you don’t hit the drums as hard, and a lot more dynamic space to build to a frenzy whenever necessary. This played in our favor, and along with an agreement to PLAY LESS, it could have been one of our best performances.

The sound engineer needs to bounce down the recording at his studio, but I have my fingers crossed it comes out nicely, because I really feel that musically, it was a step in the right direction for our group.

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