Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another kind of grind.

This is a busy week for me, perhaps the busiest since quitting my day job last May. I have a handful of gigs and rehearsals, but I also have some writing to do and a lot of office work. I need to come up with an organized system to track my income and expenses, rather than just jotting it down and putting receipts in a folder to sort out at tax time next year. I'm also still catching up on emails after being out of town last week.

Perhaps I'm just feeling reflective this morning, but I'm beginning to settle into the routine of not really having a routine. I try to practice guitar consistently, and I make time to write music every week, but it all must remain flexible to work around whatever else comes up. I don't think there's a way to create formal structure around a freelancer's lifestyle, and I'm perfectly happy with that. I feel very comfortable in this new role.

Now I just need to keep building revenue streams so I can keep it this way!

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