Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Website:

For the last two months, Dave Hahn and I have been working on a new website: The Website for Working Musicians

The website is built around the simple idea that musicians can learn the most from their peers' success stories, as well as lessons from others' mistakes. We're promoting a community atmosphere as well as an informative resources for those interested in making a living as a musician. So far, we've received some fantastic articles by some of our friends who make a living on a variety of different gigs:

Guitarist Gary Melvin contributed an article about being a professional sideman. Currently, Gary is playing guitar and touring with Frankie Valli and stays busy promoting his first solo album, "Spare Time".

Singer/songwriter Lauren Zettler wrote about her decision to quit her job and follow her true passion as a musician. Lauren is performing regularly in NYC supporting her EP, "Call Me Out" as well writing and recording for her next.

Percussionist David Jolley shares his story of becoming a professional musician (you'll laugh, you'll cry, maybe even tip that one guy on the subway platform). Dave is presently the resident percussionist for the Prather Entertainment Group.

Along with this there are many articles by Dave and a growing number by yours truly. We've also got some great stuff in the pipeline from others, and as those articles become available I will probably add some links on this blog.

So if you're a musician, please stop by, visit the forum and let us know what you think. Feel free to suggest an article, or ask questions. If we don't know the answers, I bet we can find somebody that does.

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