Friday, October 17, 2008

I beg to differ...

Whoever said there are no stupid questions what just trying to be clever when somebody was scared to ask one.

You should never be scared to ask questions, but you should try to find the answer first. If you're asking a question out of laziness, then it's a stupid question. I'm generalizing a little, but I have a point.

Nobody can fill your brain with knowledge except you.

When I think back to my guitar lessons, the weeks I asked fewer questions were the weeks I learned the most. If I showed up prepared, we'd go over the material and then I'd get exercises to help further round out my playing, based on what I'd just demonstrated to my teacher.

On the other hand, when I wasn't prepared I'd fill the time by asking questions like, "How do you voice this chord with the third on top?" If I actually took 10 minutes to think about it over the week, I could have come up with plenty of solutions, but I was lazy or more often just used the excuse that I was busy. Deep down, I knew I was being lazy.

When you do ask questions, I've found the best questions to ask are always those that stress the you and not the do.

How do you do ____?

If the question is about finding specific, personal approaches to something like music, the answer is always more fulfilling.

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