Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quest for a Decent Lunch

A New York Experience:

This afternoon I was hanging out with a friend, working on some music we've been writing together and cleaning up in the backyard of his new apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. After a while we set out for some lunch.

My friend wanted to go to a spot where they made this sandwich called the Vegan Temptress. He talked about it as we walked the 6 or 7 blocks to the place. My mouth was watering. When we got there, the place was being used to shoot a movie, with Jason Schwartzman sitting in the window. We stood across the street staring while we tried to decide where to go eat, when the director turned around and gave some dude the stink eye while pointing at us, and we were quickly asked to leave.

Then we wandered around looking for a Mexican restaurant he wanted to go to, but of course couldn't remember where it was because he's only been living in Brooklyn for about a month. When we finally found it, it turned out it was closed on Tuesdays. Only closed on Tuesdays.

We ended up at a spot around the corner. Another Mexican restaurant, but they were playing jazz. I knew it was a Verve album because I recognized Herb Ellis' guitar, Lester Young's tenor sax, Buddy Rich's drums, Oscar Peterson's piano, which of course meant Ray Brown was on bass. But I couldn't pin point the trumpet player and asked the waiter. It was Harry "Sweets" Edison. Don't you hate it when that happens?


Dave said...

You gotta check yo' metadata before you wreck yo' metadata.

Rob Mizell said...

Cam, you're such a geek. In a good way.

Adam Smith Lieberfarb said...

I had a copy of that. Track one is Lester Leaps In, right?