Wednesday, August 13, 2008


When I worked for Verve Records, I had a blackberry. Then I quit and kept just a very simple Nokia cell phone. But as I get more things going, I realize how helpful it was to stay organized with that thing. On top of that, my Nokia and my wife's Samsung, both free phones when we switched to Verizon, were over two years old and starting to act like it. I had to press the 4 key at least 7 times to get the desired result. Over the weekend we decided to order some new phones, and both went with the Blackberry Curve.

It's a good phone, let's me keep all my contacts organized and I can use the calendar, which is what I really needed. But it's not going to sync with a my MacBook, and let's face it, it's not an iPhone. But I can't afford the iPhone, especially with the discount we get on Verizon through my wife's company.

Now the goal is to not become one of those people. You know who I'm talking about. Here are my rules: No belt clip. No texting/emailing while out with friends (while you don't need a Blackberry to do this, you just look like a bigger asshole with one of these things). And perhaps most importantly, no bluetooth ear piece.

Wish me luck

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