Saturday, August 30, 2008

Silly Politics

I didn't even know Alaska needed a governor. Last I heard, vampires took over. I liked McCain in 2000, when he seemed different than the other Republicans, but now I'm not so sure and this latest move has me wondering whether he's getting bad advice or made the most genius move ever in political history of all time. Ever.

Fact is, I'm going to vote for Obama. The most important issue to me is health care. Health is a basic human right, and this is one instance where I wish even Libertarians understood that the market shouldn't control the cost, quality and availability of health care. For a country built on the American Dream, where the entrepreneurial spirit is supposed to be encouraged, one would think an affordable, comprehensive health care plan would exist for small business owners. Instead, we have a system of survival of the richest. And look, for those of you that say universal health insurance would equal long waiting times and poorer quality of care, maybe you should hold your elected officials accountable to do their freaking jobs. Stop telling us it's too hard or complicated and figure it out. We're not idiots.

After health care, I'd like the earth to be preserved so we all have the option of enjoying our health outdoors. After the environment, I think civil liberties needs some work, especially for women and minorities. The best way to do that might be to not allow white men to vote for a few years. Give everyone else a chance to catch up. As a white man, I won't mind. Just don't take away my universal health insurance and clean, renewable energy.

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