Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sunday and Monday I recorded all day and well past midnight. Thursday is going to be another marathon session. This is all tracking that is easily done in a quiet apartment on home studio equipment, but if you heard the end result you'd have no idea this was the scene vs. a polished studio. At least not for the kind of music we're recording right now.

There are a few things I'm noticing about myself now a days. I wear socks less often. I also eat less. As new music comes to mind, I stop whatever I'm doing to write it down. That's been Rule #1 since quitting the day job--treat every new bar of music like it's an investment in my imaginary 401k. Of course, this interrupts whatever routine I'm trying to piece together for myself, including getting completely dressed or making a sandwich, but I think it's ok. This is what I do now, and I can do it with bare feet.

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Dave said...

Nice haircut.