Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fingerstyle Guitar

There are many ways to play guitar if you don't have a pick. I've seen guys play with a pencil, drum stick, bow (saw part of The Song Remains the Same tonight), you name it. I happen to be talking about what you can do with your fingers.

You've got your flamenco players, classical guys, folk guitarists, hybrid pickers, Mississippi John Hurt disciples... you name it. There are many, many ways to play a guitar. I'm trying to figure out the finger style method that suits me best. As long as I've played, I've been a pick sort of guy, and early on I started using my ring finger and pinky to grab a string here or there to bring out the soprano voice in a chord. I've also studied classical guitar and done my share of etudes that build right hand strength. But I still trip up a little when I'm just playing through a progression and want to keep a pattern up, but the voicing looses a string (5 string pattern all of a sudden hits a 4 string chord voicing). Maybe it's my left hand that needs to make the adjustment? Regardless, I'm not there yet.

If you're a finger picker and have any tips, I'm all ears. I'm not looking for an explanation of somebody else's style, I can hear all of that, I'm just curious to see what goes through your mind when you're just kind of jamming along.

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