Thursday, August 7, 2008


Per the unspoken New Blogger protocol, allow me to introduce myself and why I've started this blog. I'm a musician, and I'm proud to say full-time musician now that I've quit my day job. I used to work at a record label. Unlike a lot of musicians with day jobs, I actually kind of liked mine. It was the perfect desk job for a guy like me. But over time, it simply became too much work and didn't pay nearly enough, not for what my market value would have been at another label, and not for what I felt my time was worth when I could have been pursuing my true passion. After many discussions with my wife, we decided we could afford to have me quit and start making something happen with music.

Now I get up everyday and focus on music. Unfortunately, that's more than just practicing guitar--it's also figuring out ways to monetize my skills as a musician. To stimulate that side of my brain I read a variety of blogs and newsletters, and sometimes get ideas that I want to share but I'm sitting at home alone (well, my cats are around but those two are lousy conversationalists).

This is why I'm starting a blog. I'll post the things on my mind that fall between the cracks of the actual music. I'll also try to write a little about what life as an independent musician is like, at least for me. Everyone has different experiences, but maybe somebody will find mine helpful or at least insightful.

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