Friday, August 29, 2008

Recording, recording, recording

I've been doing a lot of this lately. Using a MacBook, Lexicon Omega interface, Cubase LE software, an Audio-Technica AT2020 mic, and a little creativity, I've figured out a few ways to make some great sounding recordings. It's been primarily acoustic, so mic placement is crucial. Beyond that, if you have decent sounding instruments you can get a very true sound.

I've also been using GarageBand to lay down the basic ideas behind a new song I'm writing. This has been really, really helpful as I keep working on different projects. I often forget the exact feel that was in my head when I first got the idea, and you can't really notate it quickly. But now I just record it and forget about it until I need it again.

Many of these recordings are for projects with bigger pictures. I'm working on a album with Matt Ketteman. I'm recording some new material with Lauren Zettler. And I'm almost perpetually recording some sort of project with a couple guys that we hope to use for licensing opportunities, as well as just sell it on iTunes.

Speaking of licensing, I've started uploading some of this music to, which will help people or companies that need music for film or TV find my music. We'll see if this yields any results, but quite frankly, anything is better than what I make now from licenses.

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